Why I love being a dog in Argentina, by Tenedor

12 Jun

This page has been translated from Spanish by Angie.

Right, this is my first blog so I better introduce myself.

My name is Tenedor (or “fork” in English).

Dogs in Argentina don’t have surnames.  After all we are free here.  We aren’t owned and controlled like dogs in other countries.

I am 2 years old and live in Amaicha which is in the North of Argentina.  Amaicha has 360 days of sun a year. Perfect for a dog like me.

My owner is called Zulema and she works as a guide at the Quilmes Ruins.  She rides a motorbike which is really pretty cool.  She found me at a market when I was just little.  I was in a corner and unbelievably (you will see my photo soon and realise how bizarre this was) no one wanted me so she put me in her shopping bag and took me home.

I now live in her house in Amaicha with her and 4 cats.

Here I am…



I am, without a shadow of a doubt the prettiest dog in Amaicha.  How do I know this? Well if you ever walk into town when I am around all the other dogs are sniffing around me because I am just so beautiful.

So what makes it so cool being a dog in Argentina..

Well we don’t have any leads for dogs here.  The whole idea of a lead is pretty alien to a dog in Argentina.  This means we can run wherever we want, into other people’s gardens, we can go into shops, houses, fields…you name it we can go.

We also don’t waste time going to dog training.  After all, how difficult can it be to be a dog?

I don’t need trained to walk in a straight line, to sit, to heel, to fetch (why should I fetch a stick anyway, it’s pointless?) or to “leave it”.  All these things come naturally to me when I want to do them and sometimes I just like to play.

Like recently..

Zulema had 2 people staying with her.  They weren’t from around here.  I know this because the girl had strange white hair and she was called “Angie” which is not a name from this area. She said to Zulema that she was from “escoscia” though her Spanish was so bad you could hardly make it out..

The man was called Marco.  I’ve no idea where he was from as he said he was Italian but Angie, the girl with the white hair, called him the “fake italian”.. Humans are strange, I just can’t work them out.  When someone asks me where I am from I just say “Argentina”.  Simple no?

They said they were “travelling” and all that moving around must have made them confused as to where they are from I reckon…

Anyway, Zulema was kind enough to let the two of them stay in the house with me and the 4 cats.

The first night they arrived late at night.  They were carrying blankets as if they were cold.  I decided to act fierce to them.  I could tell that Angie was a bit afraid of me.  I don’t think she has had a pet before.  I acted pretty cool around them, not really letting them pat me or anything and then I showed off by taking the cats in my mouth and moving them around the house..now if that is not the acting of a fierce dog I don’t know what is!

The next day I decided to follow them on their walk into town.  To be honest, they really didn’t know what to do…they kept speaking to me in Spanish, with words like “Vamos” (let’s go) and then “asiento” (seat).  Sorry but I am a dog and I don’t need a seat.

I just ignored them.  It was so, so funny as they thought it was their Spanish rather than me just being naughty!

I decided to follow them absolutely everywhere…I obviously don’t do this with Zulema but it was just a lot of fun.

Me and Angie

Me and Angie

They went for empanadas so I went into the restaurant with them.  They bought fruit and veg (she kept talking about 5 a day or some rubbish) so I went there too..she had to post postcards at the Pachamama Museum..man this was funny.  He (Marco, the fake italian) tried to keep me on a boring old wall about 500 metres from the Museum so she could post her postcards…well I just thought to myself I’m having none of this so followed her right up to the Museum and even inside..it was nice inside..there were lots of things on the wall and nice people who worked there. There was even a baby.  If a baby can go into the Museum, then why not a dog?  I even went to a pool hall with them though didn’t get to play which was rather annoying.

This was all fun but then I decided to have some more fun…now in Amaicha loads of people ride motorbikes.  I don’t know why but there are more of them than cars.  So I decided to chase random bikes and bark like crazy.  There was, of course, no method to the bikes I chased.  Some had one passenger, some two, some even had kids…some passengers had bags, some didn’t..some bikes were new, some old.  Man this was hilarious…they started a discussion about how I selected the bikes to chase…they were like I wonder if he chases the bikes with food on them blah blah blah…man I just wanted to tell them, look, I’m a dog…I just chased random ones for fun, there is nothing more about it than that.

These humans just love to analyse stuff for no apparent reason.

And besides dogs in Argentina get the most amazing food ever..This was again funny…they are “travelling” on some sort of “budget” which I think means they have to count their money..bit boring really..and buy cheap food, again boring….my owner makes me the most amazing food ever..that is how they treat their dogs in Argentina and quite right….Angie and the fake italian were so envious..it was obvious in their faces…Zulema makes me chorizo (big, fat, tasty sausages) and cabrito (goat) for my dinner meaning I never have to chase a motorbike for food – how ridiculous! Humans eh?

Anyway I better go now.. it is time for me to take a nap..dogs in Argentina can sleep as much as they want…”brilliant” as Angie would say..and if anyone challenges me I just say well it’s not my fault I live in a place with 360 days of sun…all that UV makes me feel tired….


5 Responses to “Why I love being a dog in Argentina, by Tenedor”

  1. Ela June 13, 2010 at 6:21 pm #

    Auntie Angie

    I loved the stories about Tenedor the Argentinian dog! My daddy wants a dog but mummy says no! I’m caught in the middle!

    Miss you

    Love Ela xxx

    • angiemain June 13, 2010 at 9:40 pm #

      I know think everyone should have a dog!!! I have never fallen so in love with a pet in my life Ela. When I come home I will happily walk the dog for you as you are little and won’t be able to walk it very far for a bit. Hope your mum and dad are well. Missing you too. Love Axxx

  2. Jackie June 17, 2010 at 6:04 pm #

    This is fantastic, and quite amazing as you seem to have become a dog lover! I think Tenedor looks a bit like you actually, she is the dog equivalent of Angie!
    Enjoying your blog so far, keep it going!

    • angiemain June 24, 2010 at 3:49 pm #

      Hey Jack! I knew you would love Tenedor. Can you believe I looked after a dog and 4 cats in Argentina!!! Am truly a dog lover now. I keep thinking about Tenedor. We just clicked – what an amazing dog! Hope the house and the cat are well. Love, Angex


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