A very big glacier and a sandwich not enjoyed

15 Jun

I am writing this from the dusty heat of Cafayate in the province of Salta in Northern Argentina.  It is super hot here.  Cactus is the plant of choice and siestas run from about 1 to 7 to escape the heat.  That said it is hard to imagine that in the same country there is a huge and, I mean, humungous glacier called Perito Moreno.

I arrived at the glacier from Puerto Natales.  Pretty much for a month I skipped in and out out of Chile and Argentina.  What this means apart from currency changes is giving up all your food at the border….and this was a sad moment for Bern, the Ozzie chef I was travelling with for a bit…the night before Bern had made, with much love, an amazing sandwich at the Erratic Rock Hostel…the sandwich had pretty much everything you needed in it..bread, tuna (which is actually quite expensive here), tomatoes and the creme de la creme avocado. Anyway we arrived to the border and Bern realised the error of his ways…he had 2 choices…surrender his top piece to customs or eat it..he chose the latter option…what a mistake…customs made no checks of our bags this time and it was a day of lamenting for Bern of the sandwich he ate too quickly and did not enjoy half  as much as he should have!

But onto the glacier…the Perito Moreno glacier is, quite simply, awesome! I will later argue adamantly, and wrongly, that it’s the biggest glacier in the world..it is not…it is, however, one of only 3 glaciers in Patagonia that are not retreating.  It is also the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water which is pretty damn amazing I reckon.  It is named “proficient Moreno” after Francisco Moreno who studied this area in the 19th century. Man it must be nice to have such a huge tourist attraction not only named after you but also recognising your proficiency!

Since there are no words to describe the magnitude of this glacier here are some photos of it. I took about 200 photos of it but I know how painful it is to have to look through zillions of someone else’s photos so here are a few highlights!

wow! Perito Moreno glacier

wow! Perito Moreno glacier

A very poor attempt to show the size of the Perito Moreno glacier

A very poor attempt to show the size of the Perito Moreno glacier



How I wish we had a glacier in Scotland….


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