My fav things in Santiago

10 Jul

What I liked most about Santiago

I arrived in Santiago planning to stay a few days and ended up staying a week. The place just seemed to suck me in. Or was it maybe just time for a little rest from buses and sights?

Santiago is a great city to walk around as it is small enough to see everything by foot.

These were my fav things in Santiago..

  1. The Museum of Pre-Colombian Art

Great museum about the Incas and the other many pre-Colombian cultures. Did not realise how many Inca settlements there were all over Chile. Totally fascinating and renewed my interest in child sacrifices which I have always found fascinating.

2. Mercado Central

Basically the central market. The building itself was constructed in Glasgow and then shipped to Santiago. Wonderful construction and filled with cool (and cheap) places to eat fish and other local dishes. I tried the choclo which was meat, olives, egg with a paste made of corn. Delicious. Together with bread and the obligatory salsa of tomatoes, garlic, onion. Ummmm

3. Cafe Haiti – a café with “legs”

The cafe with legs is a Santiago institution. Basically businessmen are served coffee (and no more) by ladies wearing seductive clothing. Pretty bizarre as they are situated right in the centre of town and the one I went to was, to all intents and purposes, just a café except for the server who was very attractive and wearing a low cut top. Nice cup of coffee and worth seeing!!!

4. La Patronata

This was the shopping area of Santiago. Now with my tiny rucksack I could not fit much else in but it was worth going to La Patronata for the “culture”. You could buy absolutely anything here. Whole shops dedicated to scarves, earrings, hair clips, super cheap…but my favourite was the jeans display…saves you asking the question “does my bum look big in this?”

Jeans, Santiago style

Jeans, Santiago style

5. Pablo Neruda

He had one of his homes in Santiago. This place was amazing. It was set on multi layers but not connected which seemed a rather strange design for a house. He was friends with lots of other artists and there is even an original Picasso which was gifted to him by the artist. He collected lots of strange things and liked to fill every space with these…some of his random obsessions…he loved anything to do with melons so the house is filled with pictures of these…big shoes…our guide told us that these big shoes had once been outside a shoe shop to show people what the shop sold..bizarre could they not just have displayed the shoes they sell?

Neruda's big shoes

Neruda's big shoes

Some words from Neruda

Some words from Neruda

6. Graffiti

I love graffiti and Santiago had some cool stuff. Just a few of my favs..does this not make you grin?



I love her face…

The Face

The Face

And while I am on graffiti my favourite day trip from Santiago was to Valparaiso. The only two words I can think of for Valparaiso are “dirty chic”. This place just breathed bohemia. It has the most spectacular setting with the port area and then houses dotted around all over the hills and accessed by acensores (near vertical lifts). No wonder it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

I loved loved loved just wandering around and looking at the cool, colourful houses and, yet again, the graffiti.



Even met some graffiti artists who had come over from Belgium to make a movie for youtube and fill a wall with their “tags”..and here they are….

Graffiti artists, Valparaiso

Graffiti artists, Valparaiso


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