A delightful but random food experience in La Paz, Bolivia

19 Jul

I have now been in La Paz for a few days and after some initial hesitation to try the local food, having yet to meet a traveller who has not had a dodgy tummy while in Bolivia, I decided to just jump in and eat like a local today…

So what better place to do this than the La Feria 16 de Julio market in La Ceja just outside La Paz.  To get there I jumped into one of the little minibuses from town.  What a great job it is to be a minibus caller in La Paz.  Basically each minibus has one driver and one caller. The caller hangs outside of the bus and yells, really really fast, over and over and over again the destination and the price so for me it was “La Ceja La Ceja,dos bolivianos electropass”.  I am still not sure what electropass is but La Ceja sounded ok so in I got.  The minibus only leaves when it is full and you can get on and off anywhere on the route.  It just screeches to a halt, the caller opens the door and out you get.

This market sells everything. From half cars to whole cars, from sewing machines, to a zillion zips, from dvds to stereos to bits of stereos,to empty food containers, to hundreds of types of tights, to every foodstuff known to man sold in huge quantities, to the beautiful shiny skirts the local women wear…

But it was the food stalls that tempted me the most and especially those serving these wonderful looking concoctions of fruit, yoghurt, jelly, and some sort of stuff which looked like cream. So for 6 bolivianos (less than 60 pence) I ordered one of these amazing looking things.  And here it is….

A wonderful treat

A wonderful treat

It was truly magic.  The cream like stuff on top seems to be a Bolivian speciality of sorts.  Even had it the other day on top of rum during the La Paz day celebrations.  It seems to be some sort of whipped evaporated cream which they whip up in huge containers.  I am sure it is really unhealthy but it does taste delicious.  I was sitting just next to the counter of the stall where they made these heavenly delights.

I had just reached tier two of the dessert which was where the yoghurt met the jelly (quite a feat in itself in a dessert of this size) when the pleasant young girl working the huge barrel of ice cream said it was time for ice cream.  I’m not sure exactly how this works but there seems to be a point when eating the desert when the time comes to fill the glass up again.  So never being one to say no I handed her my glass only to have it refilled again with delicious, natural, orange flavoured ice cream. Thank goodness she didn’t offer to fill it again or I might have needed to ask the caller for two seats instead of one on the minibus back to La Paz.

This was a random but totally delightful food experience..


2 Responses to “A delightful but random food experience in La Paz, Bolivia”

  1. Lainey July 23, 2010 at 8:21 am #

    Your pictures are great and your stories quite funny. You look great in all your pics and it seems your having the adventure of a lifetime 🙂
    I’ll defo be keeping an eye on your adventures and having a wee giggle at your antics.
    I can’t believe the hospitality of the people you have met. As you say that is something we would never do. Well back to my boring life(i’m waiting on the washing machine repair man) lol
    keep enjoying yourself and be safe X Lainey X

    • angiemain July 24, 2010 at 10:55 pm #

      Hey you! Lovely to hear from you! It is great fun being away! Realised that it would be the only time I would get to do it and have met some amazing folk along the way. Am now trying desperately to learn spanish as really want to be able to talk to people in spanish. it’s not easy and am wishing had learned it when I was younger so at least I would have a base! still never too old to learn new tricks. hope the washing machine is fixed! take care Angiex

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