Where is the first flag of Argentina?

25 Jul

After Iruya (and not having taken the advice of the little old lady who wanted me to stay there) I headed off to San Salvador de Jujuy.

Now I very much like the flag of Argentina and armed with my world factbook I have been advising everyone I have met that the white represents the snow in the Andes and the blue the clear skies while the sun represents the appearance of the sun through cloudy days on 25 May 1810 during the first mass demonstration in favour of independence…so confident was I with this that I have even taken some photos of the sky which look like the flag….


"Argentinian Flag" in the sky above Quilmes

"Argentinian Flag" in the sky above Quilmes

So you can imagine how disappointed I was to be told at the Museum in Jujuy where they have the “first” Argentinian flag that the flag does NOT represent the sky and the snow in the Andes, but instead represents the colours of the Bourbons,the royal family of Spain..

I like a bit of research so thought I would check this out on the net….

However, even after having done some internet research myself it seems that there is not agreement on what the colours of the flag represent……some think that General Belgrano, one of Argentina´s leaders came up with the colours for the flag while he was gazing at the sky prior to a battle..others believe that the blue represents the Rio De La Plata (River of Silver) which is the widest river in the world and the white represents the metal silver….suffice it is to say that there is no agreement on the original of the colours of the flag..however I remained confident that I had seen the “first” Argentinian flag which was a completely different design from the current one,did not have the stripes of colour on it and had the terms “liberty, fraternity, egality” on it….after all the lady in the museum in Jujuy told me it was the first one….

My confidence soon diminished when I got to Sucre, Bolivia where in the Casa de la Liberdad, during a tour, I was shown the “first” flag of Argentina which had the blue and white stripes though with the blue in the middle and two white stripes on either side….

So now I am unclear both as to the meaning of the colours of the flag and which is the original flag…..

When I asked the woman in the Casa de la Liberdad why they claim the first flag is in Jujuy she just laughed mischievously…and then moved on to the next part of the tour….leaving my confusion undiminished…..


2 Responses to “Where is the first flag of Argentina?”

  1. Gus and Eileen Paterson October 24, 2010 at 10:10 pm #

    Looking through the internet and found this blog which we hadn’t seen before, don’t know how that happened, thought we were up to date. Tried to get an answer for you about the flag and it is very confused, we Google every thing we don’t have an answer to, there are too many answers all different so no further forward than you are, we will try and get an answer for you, Take care, lots of love from Eileen and Gus xx

  2. Gus and Eileen Paterson October 24, 2010 at 10:19 pm #

    Just off the internet and every one thinks it originated from General Belgrano looking up at the sky before battle, there is some who do not agree with that but the most entries all agree with the Belgrano theory
    Take care, lots of love from Eileen and Gus xx

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