This week’s novel way to learn Spanish..

18 Aug

What better way to learn Spanish than to sing out some words to learn them?

Now maybe it’s just because I’m travelling but somehow nothing seems embarrassing here.

So when my charango teacher suggested I do a duet with him on the guitar and me on the charango I said “que bueno” which translates as roughly “what a nice idea”.  He explained to me, using his arms, what the song was about….

Before I knew it the Helios Music School(which holds a Guiness Record for the most charango players playing at once – 1,000!)  was filled with the sounds of me singing a song about…wait….two….pigeons “dos palomitas” having a conversation – hence the teacher’s arms flying in the air…arms are a useful tool when you don’t know the words for things in Spanish…

Now I’ve always thought of pigeons as the poor sisters of other one really likes them, lots of people are scared of them but they somehow don’t give up and pretty much place themselves in the most beautiful squares in the world in a large group where they randomly wait to be fed by small children whose parents buy them a bag of bird seed and then hide in a corner while the birds flock to the kids…

It’s actually a beautiful song and to help me practise my language skills more I have translated it here..

“Dos palomitas se lamentaban llorando

Una a la otra se consolaban diciendo

Quien ha cortado tus bellas alas paloma

O algun falzario ha sorprendido tu vuelo

Ay ay ay


Algun falzario ha sorprendido tu vuelo”.

Translated (roughly) this is….

Two mourning pigeons are crying

One says to the other

Who has cut your beautiful wings dove?

A liar has taken your flight

Ay ay ay (no translation necessary) dove

A liar has taken your flight…..

Singing along to mycharango is the most fun I have ever had at a music class…and here it is captured for posterity, remember I’ve only been playing the charango for a few weeks and the song is in Spanish……

and when you next see a pigeon remember that they have feelings too…


One Response to “This week’s novel way to learn Spanish..”

  1. Erwin January 23, 2011 at 6:23 am #

    i love this song and am a big fan of charangos. I’m heading out to ecuador.. do you happen to know of any charango luthiers?

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