Why we love being dogs on the Choro trek, Bolivia

25 Aug

Translated from Aymara by Angie.

Our mate, Tenedor, an Argentinian dog, has a blog and we feel that dogs in Bolivia are unrepresented so we thought we would do a blog on our experiences on the Choro Trail.

Now we don’t have names but we like Tenedor’s name a lot so you can call us Tenedor Dos (for me the little cute one) and Tenedor Tres (for me the big, fierce looking one).

Tenedor dos on the ground and Tenedor tres behind...we are just chilling out in this photo

Tenedor dos on the ground and Tenedor tres behind...we are just chilling out in this photo

We also don’t have collars, just like Tenedor and we run free just like him.  We don’t have dog training..to be honest that just sounds stupid to us…how difficult can it be to walk in a straight line and to sit when your owner tells you (if you want to of course!).

Now Tenedor emailed us and told us that Angie and Marco would be doing the Choro Trek so we decided to have some fun with them…of course, they had no idea that we knew Tenedor but that’s humans for you…they assume that only THEY can communicate using wi-fi and skype and all that nonsense…humans eh??  Those idiot humans have to use maps and gps and all sorts of stuff to navigate….us dogs..well to be frank we are just smarter…we navigate using scent…meaning we never need to worry about our maps getting wet or our gps not having a signal.  Humans could learn a lot from us if only they would listen to us (but that’s another story!)

A human (Angie) looking at her trek notes...what did we say about humans and navigation?

A human (Angie) looking at her trek notes...what did we say about humans and navigation?

Anyway we live in Chairo which is a small village (of only 50 people and a few dogs – none very special to be honest) at the end of the Chairo.

But when we heard the news that Angie and Marco were doing the Choro we headed upwards to the Japanese House, which is in a tiny hamlet called Sandillani.

The Japanese House

The Japanese House

Man you meet some interesting folks around here.

The Japanese man came from Japan in around the 1950s on a boat passing South Koreo, Singapore and South Africa and landing in Brazil.  I’m not sure why he settled in Sandillani but he has a lovely little house there with tropical plants and lots of space for dogs like us to run about…

Anyway we arrived in the afternoon at Sandillani.  We just moodied around a bit…and waited ….and waited…man humans walk slow…why can’t they just be practical and use all 4 legs like us???? The Choro is largely a downhill trek but they faff around, worry about slipping, looks at the soles of their ridiculously expensive Vibram soled shoes….why not just walk on their bare feet like us???

Angie and Marco didn’t arrive until almost six…and then…man these guys are stupid…they faffed around for ages before they found the entrance to the Japanese house.  They were saying “maybe the man is away on vacation or something”.  He’s been there for bloody 50 years…vacation?  Oh my word!  We almost gave up and headed down to Chairo…Tenedor said she had yellow hair…but that’s not true…it is more ginger now I would say (bet she has fallen victim to one of those notorious La Paz hairdressers..hee hee!)

We watched from a distance as they put up the tent….right on the edge of the cliff…they then cooked using this tiny little pot…and a little metal tin with a blue light coming from it…how strange it all was…they loved the little fire flies but didn’t realise that there were mosquitos until they had so many bites you could join the dots on their bodies…I really don’t know where they educate humans these days?

Their tent

Their tent

They finally got into the tent at about eight and then it was time for some fun…we waited until they had the tent all closed up and sounded as if they were settled…then we started….

We stayed at a distance and barked…once…then twice…then as if there was a real commotion outside….we made a deal…one barked and the other scraped the ground….we weren’t looking for bones or anything…that stuff is only in cartoons…no this was just for the sheer fun of it…we heard them say “what’s that outside, should we go out and see”.  She said “No I’m a bit scared”. Scared..of what..two cute dogs….anyway we kept up the barking and the scraping until morning…of course we stopped for a bit just to allow them to drift off to sleep and then started again with a vengeance.  At one point we had to run outside as we were laughing so much….Tenedor would have loved it!

Next morning they crawled out of the tent…of coure being humans…rather than being honest they pretended they liked hearing us barking and scraping all night…they were saying “It was nice to have those dogs protecting us all night”.  What garbage humans speak..really?  We went crazy when they came out…trying to scare them a bit but we couldn’t keep it up for long so before long they were patting us and giving us bits of their cereal bars and chocolate cereals…what cool humans we thought…

This is us just before we followed them...hee hee...

This is us just before we followed them...hee hee...

Now of course, because they are “travelling” they are obsessed with where THEY are going and where THEY come from..they didn’t even ask us where we live…so we decided to double bluff them…this was hilarious…we waited until they started walking to Chairo..now Chairo is a good 12 km away and quite hard walking..at least for humans…we then followed them…they tried to get rid of us using their poor Spanish shouting “fuera” which means outside…we speak Aymara so we pretended not to understand and how bloody daft anyway…we are outside…we are always outside…they tried to stop walking and send us back…we stopped for a minute and then followed on…they kept saying “those dogs are so far from home, how will they ever get back?”.  Now firstly we could navigate to the moon and secondly if they had asked us we would have told them we live in Chairo….en route we decided to make them laugh a bit so every now and then we would run into the bush and pretend we were attacking creatures…of course we don’t attack anyone, we are just two cute little Bolivian dogs…now me, Tenedor dos decided to have more fun..so I fell behind and put my tongue out as if I was gasping for water…out came the water bottle and they gave me some water…then we pretended we were hungry…a minute later we were happily munching peanut bars…yum yum…much better than the poor quality meat we get at home…

For almost 3 hours we followed them..ignoring all attempts to be sent “back” and putting on our cute puppy dog eyes to get patted whenever we wanted. She, especially, is very suspectible to our cute brown eyes! Quite sweet really….the funniest was when they started worrying about how we would ever get back…saying “will they follow other tourists back” and “how can we get the bus to Coroico without them”.  Little did they know that naughty Tenedor had put us up to all of this…once in Chairo we double bluffed them again…their little faces were contorted with worry…but we just headed off to our porch and found some shade to sit in…they were perplexed saying “do those dogs live here?” “is this their home do you think?”.  After three hours trying to get rid of us they wanted to spend more time with us…you can’t please humans..

We waited for an eternity while they drank coke and then negotiated a rate for the minibus to Coroico…and then we called Tenedor to tell him our tale..we used Skype…and you should have seen his face…it was a picture….and of course as soon as the next unsuspecting tourists come along we can do the whole game again from start to finish…man it’s so much fun being dogs on the Choro Trail!


4 Responses to “Why we love being dogs on the Choro trek, Bolivia”

  1. Isobel Main August 26, 2010 at 5:32 pm #

    Thank goodness the dog blogging is back! What fun!

    • angiemain August 26, 2010 at 5:42 pm #

      Hey hey hey! I wonder why I am better writing at writing my blog through the eyes of a dog than through my own eyes? Did I always want a dog as a child? Axx

  2. Marco September 25, 2010 at 11:47 pm #

    I love this story, this is the third time I read it. I hope you’re going to meet more dogs ! 😉

    • angiemain September 29, 2010 at 3:45 am #

      Glad that you like it. I can, of course, take no credit for it…those pesky Bolivian dogs wrote it but I did, however, translate it for them!!! I met another dog tonight in Bogota. I don’t know but I feel that these Colombian dogs might want to use my blog as a tool to express themselves! A

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