Why I love being Angie’s charango…

13 Oct

Everyone these days has a blog…even dogs can write blogs but Angie has to translate for them as they are not as smart as me!

So, I decided it was time for a charango to have a blog so here we go..now this is the first time I have done a blog so excuse me if it’s a bit rough..

It’s been a really busy time being Angie’s charango the last few weeks…it all started from Huaraz on. Now I didn’t get invited to the mountains of Huaraz (these are in the North of Peru and it’s where Touching the Void was filmed).

I’m not really sure why as Angie kept saying that the benefit of a musical instrument was being able to play at a campfire. But anyway I got left behind at the boring hostel in Huaraz to play by myself for a few days. I tuned myself up. Then, when Angie came back, I untuned myself again. Hee hee hee!!!! Well she’s got to learn to tune me. If she can’t tune me up then how can she ever play me? And I am super easy to tune. I even have little notches on my side to show you which flet is the next string…is she stupid or what?

After Huaraz I was loaded onto the first of many night buses..of course I didn’t know this at the time. She never discusses her travel plans with little old me. I’m just whipped out when she wants to play a few notes and drone on about me being a beautiful instrument. Yeah I look good but I am meant to be played with super fast hands..and she suddenly started to speak French…this is new I thought…should she not master French before starting something else….too many plans not enough completion I say!

We headed up to Trujillo. Now I must say, in Angie’s favour, that she is really nice to me on the night buses. She holds me the entire night. This means that she doesn’t sleep a wink and then is in a super bad mood (she is only mean when she is tired or hungry..pretty fair really) the next morning but at least I am safe!

Trujillo was pretty cool and I got taken to lots of cool ruins. I love it when she is travelling fast. She won’t leave me in bus stations..she says I am too precious so she carries me everywhere and I get to see cool stuff too. Neat!!!

We went to see the Chan Chan complex. This place is ancient. Chan Chan was the capital city of the Chimu Empire, an urban civilisation which appeared on the Peruvian coast around 1100 AD. This place was totally amazing and huge. Then later we went to even more ruins, this time the Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna which were the centres of the Moche culture which had its heyday in 400 to 600AD. The engravings here were totally amazing..I loved all the little lines of people.

After that I got taken to the seaside..Huanchaco where I saw the little fishing boats made out of straw and ate brochette de corvina, a local fish..

Then I was off again on another night bus to Cajamarca…here I got left at the hostel while Angie went to see some funeral holes (sounded a bit boring to me anyway) and she drank beer with some locals (now this sounded a bit more interesting).

After that she took me on another night bus to Chiclayo and then I got taken to some cool, huge Pyramids. Again there were really amazing engravings there. And they all had cool symbolism.

Angie went to see some cool little people – the Sacrofagas de Karajia. I just chilled at the hostel this day as I was a bit tired.

Then we went to Kuelap..now this was cool!!! I got taken as she wanted to try to find some musicians to help her tune me up. There was a fiesta on with music and dance. These ruins were totally spectacular!!! And we stayed with a local family just a few minutes from the ruins. They were lovely! They lead such a simple life. They have no electricity at all. This means no light at night. Only candles. Atmospheric. They also only cook with llena (fire wood). I like this! The lady killed a chicken and then plucked it and made soup. We tried this soup at the fiesta. It was lovely. So fresh!!!

The fiesta couldn’t happen on the first night as there was no electricity so I got to stay another night in this lovely place! I felt like a truly lucky and loved charango..though she didn’t find a musician to tune me up..too bad..

After that I got to even more ruins!!! I went to Revash to see the little houses in the hills. It was a tough walk up and the ruins were ok but a bit far away for me to see.

Now Angie doesn’t seem to know that much about the world. She went to see the Catca Gorca waterfalls but didn’t even know that these are the third highest waterfalls in the world. Man is she thick!

After the falls we went to Tarapoto…the jungle or selva as they call it here. Now all these changes of temperature..well you can’t expect me to stay tuned under these conditions!!! Poor Ange spent hours trying to tune me. She even used a little electronic tuning device, does she have cloth ears or what?

We went from there to Yurimaguas where we boarded a boat (Ange had a hammock to sleep in) to sail along to the Amazon River. The boat was cool but she didn’t play me on it as she was too busy chatting to people. Make time for me I say!!! She gave me to someone on the boat to tune me up. I didn’t like this. I only like it when Angie plays me after all I am her charango and she needs to learn to talk to me! So I made sure that I didn’t tune up properly. hee hee hee..all out of tune.. that’s what she gets silly girl!

I got left behind when she went into the jungle..she made some stupid excuse about the humidity or something. I mean does she not understand that I am a South American instrument (I´m Bolivian and even have a Bolivian stomach so I can survive anything!)…it is her who has super pale skin and is constantly applying like factor 200 sun lotion! I give up sometimes!

It’s funny but she has changed so much since we’ve been travelling together…at first she was so scared of animals…now she lets monkeys picks insects out of her hair and feeds baby manitis (this was in Iquitos in the “Selva” which means jungle)..this is progress..though I felt slightly strange when she ate a guinea pig which came to the plate complete with claws…yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I’m writing this in Bogota (but by the time she edits it for me she’ll probably be taking me to a new continent!)…and she obviously feels bad about having left me behind so much..she bought me a lovely new case. It is super hard meaning I will be much more comfortable when I travel! And in reward I’m not going to untune myself so much..as while it’s a good challenge for Ange, it’s actually a little bit mean…..

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3 Responses to “Why I love being Angie’s charango…”

  1. aurelie October 14, 2010 at 2:01 am #

    you finally found a new house for your charango ! i must send you the picture that i take of him..and you ! lol And you finally find someone to tune him up !!! You need to learn too if he doesn t like that other people touch him ! kisses lovely !

    • angiemain October 15, 2010 at 2:32 am #

      Yeah have almost managed to teach myself now..with a little help from Sylvia, a Scottish girl I met travelling whose dad makes musical instruments!!!! The new house is very nice and keeps him really safe! It was funny in the shop in Bogota where I bought it the guy just loved my charango he couldnt stop playing it and then looked really sad when I told him it was from La paz so it was a bit far for him to get one!!! actually managed to practise a bit in this hostel in san gil which is cool as was falling behind with the troublesin trying to tune it. how is the bordel going? Axxx

  2. Gus and Eileen Paterson October 19, 2010 at 1:22 pm #

    Hi Angie, lovely to read your updated blog, we found this one really interesting, really funny, easy to read , well done you. Your photos are great. We were laughing at your charango’s blog, as it seems you are slittering your food over him,, as he talks of eating this that and everything [oh my God who is the maddest here] it’s good to hear I am not the only one to drop my food from my mouth!!
    You are doing really well Angie, keep up the good work, we are all very proud of you, lots of love from Eileen and Gus xx

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