Person of the week

20 Oct

I’ve met some totally awesome people during my trip.

Some have been other travellers, some have been bus drivers, shopstore owners or just local people I’ve met in the street.  I’ve had some great teachers who have taught me un pocito de Spanish and perhaps even un pocito less de charango but all along the way I’ve had fab experiences and connections with people.

So I thought I would try to see if each week I can nominate someone (obviously in my own head) to be person of the week…of course as it’s an internal analysis with myself I have to give reasons for my decision (a bit like Big Brother I suppose).  I also will try to give some personal details about the person if I can (ie if I can understand their Spanish!!!).  The person need not be the most interesting, most challenging, most handsome (or pretty) or even the person with whom I’ve connected with most that can just be someone whose paths I crossed and who made me laugh or made me think….so don’t be sad if you’re not person of the week..some people are best kept within my own little head!

Right enough of the justification…it’s time to pick a person for this week…and my person is…..


Lady with lunch, Raquira

Lady with lunch, Raquira


I met this little lady when I was waiting for a bus back from Villa de Leyva to Raquira.  It was one of those days when everyone kept telling me a different thing…yes there is a’s at 12…it’s from the bus at 12 is from “Plaza de Libertad”.  There’s no bus at 12 today..but there is one at 1.30pm..there is no bus at 1.30 but there is one at 2….so eventually I decided to just sit, wait, watch the world go by in the knowledge that some bus would arrive sometime!!!! I’d seen this cute little lady earlier in the day and really wanted to take a photo of her interesting face and cute pleats..then she came to sit down next to me while I was waiting.  She lived in Raquira, was 78 and had collected lunch for someone in her family (that’s what she’s holding in the photo).  She kept saying “me voy”(I’m going) as the food was for someone in her family who waiting for it..but then she’d sit back down and chat more..she did this at least 4 was cute…she spoke super fast so I couldn’t understand a lot of what she said but she was a really nice little lady with her terracota plate of food so she is my person of the week for this week…


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