1 in 6,897,500,000

4 Feb

People always say “It’s a small world”.

Sometimes I agree with this.  Especially when I bump into people I’ve met in obscure places in other obscure places.

Sometimes I totally disagree with this.  I look at the globe and see all the places I long to visit and it seems that even a full lifetime wouldn’t be enough time to scratch the surface of this huge planet of our’s.

A few days ago I had a day where I agreed wholeheartedly with this.

I was in Melbourne and with an old work mate from Scotland, Sarah.  We had a drink by the Yarra River and then, since it was 40 degrees, we decided to head to the National Galleries to see a photography exhibition from New Zealand. We wandered around chatting more than appreciating the photos then sat in a chill out area for a bit.  The gallery was closing so we chatted a bit to the staff, one of whom prided himself on placing any accent in the world (he got mine wrong!).

Then we headed out and I walked straight into a girl I recognised.  As always I had that moment of placing her.  That moment of the brain racking through the files of people met in different places and different times.

Then it clicked.

It was Marjolein.

We’d met in Cafayate in the North of Argentina back in June 2010.  We had chatted a bit but not exchanged details.  We then bumped into each other again briefly in Taganga in Colombia in October 2010 and again didn’t exchange details.   In the meantime Marjolein has been back to Holland and then came out to Oz to see her sister. I’ve continued my trip and have been to Ecuador, the Galapagos and New Zealand.

It was only later when chatting to folk in the hostel that I realised how much of  a coincidence this was.  I mean out of 6,897,500,000 people in the world we were both in the same place in another continent on the same day in the same narrow corridor at the same time.  Melbourne is a huge city and I wasn’t even intending to go to the museum again (I’d been in the morning) and only went back because it was so damn hot.

To bump into each other twice in South America seemed coincidence enough but in another continent seemed highly improbable.  We’ve exchanged details this time.  Though maybe we don’t need to.  It’s a small world after all and we’ll probably bump into each other again in some other obscure place on another continent another few months down the line.


One Response to “1 in 6,897,500,000”

  1. Gus and Eileen Paterson February 22, 2011 at 12:10 pm #

    That was some coincidence right enough Angie, you have a very interesting way of putting a story over, makes it much more interesting.
    We were talking to Christine last night, I was on the web and a site popped up, it was a live link to Christine via gmail, I didn’t have a clue what to do, but Christine just typed instructions i.e. type a message in the box which I did, a pop up appeared about a video link which I agreed, it took seconds to download the software and then Christine downloaded it on her laptop the next thing we were chatting away face to face with a better picture than skype, it is so easy to do, don’t know if you are on that, but you are on gmail so you must be able to download it – if you are not already on!! does that make sense??
    I never know if you get these comments.
    Anyway, keep writing your blog and take care, lots of love from Eileen and Gus xx

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