Five things I’ve done while travelling that I’d never do at home….

6 Apr

Before you ask the answer is “no” I don’t have my name in Chinese characters tattooed on my hip and “no” I have no more than the 2 piercings I left Scotland with. But here are five things I’ve done travelling that I’d never do at home.

1.       Sleep in an airport with the baggage conveyor at my head

A few days ago I arrived at Perth Airport at about half five to board a flight to Melbourne where I was due to meet my brother who was flying in from Singapore.  It’d not been that good a day.  I’d been on a road trip down the South Coast and there had been a few little skirmishes so by the time I arrived at the airport (having had to remortgage my rucksack to pay the taxi there) I was shattered, ready for a strong coffee and a nice relaxing flight.

While checking in I noticed the destination as Avalon.  Ah this must be the name of the Melbourne airport I thought.


Of course it wasn’t the Melbourne airport.  That one was called, sensibly enough, Melbourne not “Avalon”.


Arrived into Melbourne, I mean Avalon, at 1 am.

No accommodation in Melbourne.  My brother arriving at the “real” Melbourne airport.  No wish to remortage again to spend $30 on an awakeness night in a dorm filled with 21 year olds I did what any sensible backpacker would do.  I waited.  Until the bus to town was almost away.  Then I did what I do best.  I chatted. To one of the airport staff and asked if I could kindly bunk down just next to the conveyor (“I’ll be no trouble, really”) just until daylight when I could sensibly head into Melbourne.  I explained my idiocy in thinking that a cheap flight might take me near the destination advertised.  I was allowed to stay and had a very pleasant night’s sleep on the floor next to the baggage conveyor with the sweet words of “The 715 to Brisbane is boarding at Gate 2A” “All passengers who need assistance and with young children”….ringing in my ears and an alarm call from one of the workers to ensure I made the morning bus!

2.       Eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from 27th January onwards daily, several times  a day

I arrived in Oz on the 27th January and quickly adopted the obligatory backpacker meal of a “Coles” loaf (only likeness to bread is the name), a jar of peanut butter and one of raspberry jam.  It was amazing how quickly I learned the tricks of the meal..peanut butter first always, seemingly it makes spreading easier, sweet and sour…4 kilogrammes heavier and most are due to this concoction I believe!   Never at home would I eat this.  I am known for my healthy diet and 5 a day (and that’s not 5 servings of “PBJs”!

3.       Get ridiculously excited by finding a plug point in a public toilet

During an Aussie road trip some things are a bit difficult like finding a place to charge your camera, computer, ipod in the Outback.  Cue public toilets.  Now not all of these have plug points but when they do result! I’ll never forget the toilet in Erldundo (near Uluru ie only 5 hours’ drive away) where my travel mate Wendy was happily charging up her life and facebooking using her dongle when a tour group came in whose aghast faces said it all!

4.       Daily swimming anytime anywhere

From a reservoir in Tennent Creek to a five star resort in Uluru to “swiking” (the name I coined for a hike that involves a swim)   in King’s Canyon the great ole road trip requires at least one daily swim to beat the heat and consequent sweating of travelling in a non airconditoned metal box(also known as a campervan) in 40 degree heat and the lack of showers en route.

In pool at Uluru

In pool at Uluru

5.        Playing “swat the mosquito” game

Much better than cards, scrabble or any other game…put the light on in the non airconditioned metal box, wait a few minutes, grab your Lonely Planet or similar swatting device and swat as many mosquitos as you can. Put light back off, wait for humming and re-commence game.  Repeat as required.

The good thing about this game is that there is quite simply no end to it. I mean my brother and I used to have some mammouth games of Monopoly but this is nothing compared to that. From 8 o-clock when you go to bed in the Outback until 8 the next morning the game is live…points are lost for any bites received….evidence of insufficient and untimely swatting….

Venue for mosquito swatting game

Venue for mosquito swatting game

And 5 things I thought I would do but haven’t……..yet

1.       Get a tattoo

2.       Get a belly button piercing

3.       Sky dive

4.       Bungee jump

5.       Scuba dive

And one thing I did but shouldn’t have done….

Put the operating system of my computer into Spanish…this seemed like such a good idea in South America….but with my it skills it is officially a disaster!


4 Responses to “Five things I’ve done while travelling that I’d never do at home….”

  1. Juliet April 6, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    You make me laugh, Angie…and Im sure there are many more things to add to that list!! If you gove up the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, i’ll give up the cigs!!! xxx

    • angiemain April 7, 2011 at 4:12 am #

      Hey there! I have given them up…now about 4/5 days without! No more ciggies for u I am very afraid my lovely! how ru? angex

  2. Juliet April 7, 2011 at 7:09 pm #

    Bugger. Start eating them again please!! Im well. Still fighting a good fight! What are your plans? xx

    • angiemain April 8, 2011 at 1:46 am #

      Current plans are head to darwin on train on sunday…2 days on train..quite looking forward to it actually. then to indonesia! cool! then see where the path takes me. and what u been up to? angex

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