The Great Ozzie Road Trip – Part 3, and then there were aliens

19 Apr

We may not have seen the crazy quantities of wild animals we had hoped for during our Great Ozzie Road Trip but we did see some other truly unique stuff on our trip from Alice to Tennent Creek.

We stopped for petrol at the Barrow Creek Outback Hotel.  This place has to be seen to be believed.  The shearers used to pin up a banknote with their name on the back to ensure they had enough for a drink when they next passed through.  This age old tradition has taken on a travellers’ tone with travellers giving the owner money from their home country when they pass through. The owner has quite a collection which he showed us.

I’m not sure if you do have a note and if you leave it you will get a drink when you next pass through and given its remoteness I doubt many travellers ever pass through this way again….being a Scot I didn’t leave a note in any event.

Some days even though I always had in mind Rule 1 of the Great Ozzie Road Trip I did feel as if maybe all the time in the van was affecting my senses…and never more so than in Wycliffe Wells.

Allegedly this place has an incredible number of alien sightings.  The website advertises that if you stay up all night you will be “unlucky not to see anything” at the place “recently ranked 5th for top UFO sightings in the world”.  Alas we were only passing through and the only aliens we saw were when we posed at the cutouts….

Next stop was the beautiful Devil’s Marbles or Karlu Karlu.  This place is amazing.  In aboriginal stories the Devil’s Marbles were the eggs of the rainbow serpent.  We had great fun taking photos around the rocks especially when we found an old car abandoned among some of them.

Elvi kindly brought the Wicked camper into the shelter since it was super hot in the sun and too hot for lunch outside…a few minutes later we were joined by a tour group.  Great day! We even got a free talk on the history of the marbles! Result!

We met up with the tour group again in Tennent Creek.  Maybe I should add another Rule to the Ozzie Roadtrip Rules…always believe the Lonely Planet if it describes a place as “wearing an air of despair”.  This is how Tennent Creek was described in the LP and how it felt.

The liquor store pretty much only sold hard liquor through a tiny window opening and even trying to find a beer in it was hard.  There was a nice reservoir to swim in though at the end of the town.   We bumped into the tour group again there.

At Tennent Creek we took a right towards the East Coast though it would take a bit of time to get there….


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