The Great Ozzie Road Trip – Part 2, the Rock and the Red Centre

19 Apr

Now being au fait with the rules of the road it was time to relax and see the sights…

Our first stop was Uluru.  Standing 348 metres and 867 above sea level it is quite a sight.  It is believed that another two thirds of it are underground.  You can climb it but the Anangu people prefer that you don’t.  For the Anangu people the path up the Rock is the route taken by the Mala ancestors on their arrival at Uluru and has great spiritual significance.  We didn’t climb.  We did a wonderful guided tour with “Andy” one of the National Park rangers and walked the 10 km around the Rock.  Only downside was the flies…everywhere…never again will I mock tourists with fly masks or those hats with corks which are seemingly designed for the same thing!!!!

I managed to leave Uluru without a single grain of red dirt after Andy told us tales of people who had picked up a rock or some dirt and then sent it back..bad things seemingly happen to those who take away a part of Uluru….being a superstitious Scott I resisted the temptation!

Next off it was off to Kata Tjuja which means “many heads” where we did a fab walk through the Valley of the Winds.  Again I regretted the lack of fly masks….we met a little French girl who had bought herself a car and was just touring around..she had already done many 1000 of kilometres alone. When I asked her if she ever got bored driving she reasssured me that she is learning to play the mouth organ so that keeps her awake on the long drives!!!!!

We headed to King’s Canyon where we sat at the end of the world….the little French girl turned up just as we were leaving..proving that it is indeed a small world…

Then we headed to the West McDonnell National Parks to the West of Alice Springs.  Here I learned that where there is a sign from the National Park advising that a hike may include a swim..this means that the hike may include a swim.   And not a small swim.  Three times we had to cross the gorge. Thankfully Elvi saved the say with her dry bag! Always prepared the French!!! I termed this “swiking” = a hike which includes a swim.

After another stop in Alice where we stocked up on some bits and pieces using the ubiquitous Coles and K-Mart we hit the road late to start the long journey to Tennent Creek, well short in Ozzie terms only 510 km…..and crossing the Tropic of Capricorn en route….


One Response to “The Great Ozzie Road Trip – Part 2, the Rock and the Red Centre”

  1. Gus and Eileen Paterson April 26, 2011 at 12:20 pm #

    Brilliant as usual Angie, very interesting insight into your trek across Australia, make rather a good novel, what an experience you are having. Be safe, take care, lots of love from Eileen and Gus xx

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