The Great Ozzie Road Trip, Part 4- from Tennent Creek back to civilisation

20 Apr

There’s not that much to see in the roughly 1,500 km from Tennent Creek to Townsville.

We did score some points for wildlife spotting. We almost ran over a python on the road while driving at night.  This guy was huge. Stretched from the side of the road to the middle white lines.  By the time we turned around to take a photo it had slithered away into the undergrowth at the side of the road.

At Mount Isa, another of the mining towns and full to the brim of men we had the van fixed. Something had been rattling. The mechanic took about 5 seconds to twist something (the technical terms) we visited McDonalds to check wifi (it worked but super slowly) and then we hit the road again.

The good thing about the Great Ozzie Road Trip is that Australia is all set for road trippers. There are frequent signs telling you how far it is to the next gas station and plenty of rest stops with toilets, picnic tables  and information on the local area.  Some of the toilets come complete with wildlife, from frogs to crickets to ants.  It’s all provided.  Many of the parks even in the small towns have barbecues where you can cook outside. We don’t have these in Scotland so this is still a bit of a novelty to me.

After so much nothingness it was strange to hit Townsville where we were back in civilisation and where there was no chance to see the stars at night anymore.  We headed out of town to park up the van and next day we took the van  to Magnetic Island.

It was raining cats and dogs when we boarded the ferry and we were  worried that our trip might be  a waste of time.   The skies cleared for us arriving.

Elvi assured us, once again (¡) that the Wicked was a Five Star van and with that came weather on demand which meant sun for walking, rain for driving (and washing the van) and a requirement to keep on Schedule otherwise the rain might arrive during the walking even though it was scheduled for afterwards to clean the van!

We did some nice hikes around the island and even found me a chair which had been washed up on the beach. After a clean with some sand and salt wáter it was almost new! That night we enjoyed a night out with the locals…well most of them weren’t locals but people from overseas working there.  Next day another hike and then we found the most delightful wáter hole to bathe in.  We met some lovely “indigenous” people as Elvi called them who took us to en even nicer wáter hole only known by the locals.  We barbecued by the beach, went to see the wallabies and then had an early night.

Next morning we headed back to Townsville..our island adventure was over.


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