The Great Ozzie Road Trip, Part 5, my first leech bite and a rainy sandy island

22 Apr

Direction South….destination Sydney….

After a few days chilling out and catching up on washing and stuff at Airlie Beach it was time to head South down the East Coast.

It was during this part of the journey that I experienced my first leech bite.

We had spent the day platypus spotting at Eungella National Park. Later when we stopped for gas I noticed that my trouser leg was covered in blood. Obviously I was a little alarmed so headed into the service station to see if I could use the toilet. After I’d cleared the blood away there was only a tiny hole which Elvi (having previously experienced leeches whilst trekking) assured me was just a leech bite. First leech bite…done…

Elvi and I then headed off to Fraser Island.  Wendy had already rented a 4 by 4 and travelled around Fraser Island so had a few days of alone time with the van.

The trip was a gift to Elvi for some work she had done for someone and she kindly took me with. Merci beaucoup mon cherie!  C’etait fantastique!

As we were out of the five star van gone was Elvi’s control over weather conditions.

It rained.

Cats and dingos.

From when we arrived to when we left.

Fraser Island is incredible. Like everything else in Oz it is huge. 120 km long. The whole island (complete with rainforest and huge dunes) sits atop meres and. Incredible!

We did a tour of the island in a 4 by 4 bus. This bus had to be seen to be believed. It felt like a rollercoaster rattling around the tiny sand tracks of the island.  We even travelled along the beach in it. Not being put off by the weather Elvi and I made the most of the freshwater rivers and Lake McKenzie where the sand was so soft we used it to clean jewellery.

Our guide regaled us…all day long…with tales of the island. She  told us about the Frasers (from whom the Island gets its name) who were shipwrecked here in 1836.  They ended up staying on the island with the aborigines and integrated into aboriginal life quite nicely until Mr Fraser went out hunting with the aborigines one day and was not seen again. Mrs Fraser stayed eventually being spotted by some other adventurers.  She went home to England and wrote about her adventures.  Our guide told us she then returned and married one of the locals.

Fraser Island is also home to the purest breed of dingos.  The aborigines used the dingos to help them with hunting.  Unfortunately we didn’t see any on our trip. No doubt they were inside given the inclement conditions!

After two nights it was back to land…out of the five star resort and back to the five star van..

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