The Great Ozzie Road Trip, Part 6, hippies, dunes and stats

23 Apr

Back on dry land we watched the surfers and ate huge quantities of ice cream at Noosa then headed inland to the Hippie enclave of Nimbin which Lonely Planet says is “highly” recommended. It’s a strange but interesting place to pass a day. Full of aged hippies, new world shops, and folk just hanging around. The local pub had an alcometer which proved to me that French genes are better at metabolising alcohol than any others. I had, allegedly, more alcohol after a sniff of beer than Elvi had after a few…tskk tskk call me Scottish?

After Nimbin it was nice to be back at the coast again though Byron Bay proved not be the free livin of Nimbin when the van was refused entry to several campsites owing to the risk that the slogan on the back could upset children….give me a life….

We left Wendy here. She headed back North to Surfers’ Paradise to meet up with a mate before her trek in Tasmania.

Elvi and I continued South where we admired the beautiful breakwaters of Nambucca Heads complete with “graffiti by locals” to commemorate everything from births, deaths, to marriages and happy holidays.

We camped at Emerald Beach arriving by night to awake to a beautiful emerald beach the next morning. Some locals gave us cucumbers as they had grown so many they couldn’t use them all.

We trekked on the dunes of Myalls Lakes, camped by the beach in Buoti Buoti National Park to be awoken by early morning surfers, drank more Bundaberg ginger beer, chatted, laughed…..and then it was all over…we arrived in Sydney and the Wicked van was returned….

The Great Ozzie road trip was over….but won’t ever be forgotten!

Some stats….

We did over 10,000 km during the trip…in around 26 days…

The van had a staggering 467,000 on the speedo.

It only needed one repair which took about 5 minutes.

The van was frightfully photogenic and much better than a sensible, modern, airconditioned and fuel efficient Jucy van.

Most of the time was spent on dry land.

The van only did one ferry and island trip.

We drank a LOT of ginger beer.

We ate a LOT of couscous with cucumbers and tomatoes.

We also ate a LOT of peanut butter and jelly sándwiches.

We killed a LOT of mosquitos using the van light as an attraction.  I still got a lot of bites…

We didn’t kill any animals en route…or perhaps a few frogs of course not deliberately.

We laughed a lot.

We swam a lot in the ocean.

We listened to a lot of rock and roll.

We adopted “van names” (or maybe Elvi gave us van names).

Wendy was Petra.

I was Zulene.

Elvi was, funnily enough, “Elvi”.

All in all, it was, without  doubt, a five star road trip and a thousand thank yous to Elvi and Wendy for making it one trip I will NEVER forget…see you in IBIZA guys!!!!!

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One Response to “The Great Ozzie Road Trip, Part 6, hippies, dunes and stats”

  1. Gus and Eileen Paterson April 23, 2011 at 12:30 pm #

    Very good Angie, really interesting and the photo’s are really good, so again well done you, take care, be safe, lots of love from Eileen and Gus xx

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