Why I need to buy pyjamas…

16 Nov

I’ve been in Cambodia only for a few days.

But already I feel that my backpack is missing something

It’s not the Khmer dictionary to learn the language. I’ve got that already.

No, it’s pyjamas.

But not for sleeping in. That’s the last thing Cambodians seem to want to do in their pyjamas. In fact, I’m intrigued as to whether they actually sleep in them or whether they change into their real clothes for sleeping.  For pyjamas seem to be the national dress in Cambodia.  All day, everyday, from young to old, from market sellers to shop keepers, to those working in the laundry,to those dancing by the river in the evenings, on motorbikes, on foot, inside and out, the people are wearing pyjamas.  And not “secret” pyjamas if you know what I mean.  By “secret” pyjamas I mean the ones that are the fashion back home and which could pass for outside clothing.  No, these are straightforward, honest to goodness, old-fashioned pyjamas.  The kind that it’s hard to get hold of in the UK where we’ve all turned to vest tops and tight pjs which could pass for disco wear.

These have teddy bears, and lovehearts, some are shiny, some are fluffy and cosy.  They are not tight but loose and comfortable.  Some people even wear their slippers with them.

And what’s funny is that they look good in their pyjamas. They don’t look as if they’re just out of bed. Instead they look cute and fun!

I’ve just got to master some Khmer now so I can ask whether they really do change into their real clothes for bed!


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