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Who needs the jungle when you have Glasgow Botanic Gardens..

10 Apr

Who needs the jungle when you have Glasgow Botanic Gardens...


Check out my new blog on Scotland

8 Apr


My love for scotland

7 Apr

My love for scotland

My new blog..

2 Apr

I have started a new blog on my travels, musings, loves and hates of my home country, Scotland.

Check it out at

About me

1 Apr

About me.

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

23 Jan

Oh to be a writer…to take your readers along with you through the intoxicating atmosphere of Varanasi…along the Ganga, dodging the cows, dogs, boys playing cricket up and down flights of stairs…to smell the river, to feel its power, to admire the bare, hacked feet of the pilgrims who have travelled the length of India to see this place of deepest spiritual importance…to throw some rupees to the holy men dressed in orange, real or fake?  To consider buying prayer beeds, the seller might need the funds for tea, to take a boat or not, will the steaming pots at the pooja look better from the shore or from the water? Ram nam sate eh…a body is brought down past you through the streets, wrapped in orange, gold streamers hanging down, men follow the procession, and death is never closer to you in this place where the Kings of India would retire to, hoping to die in this spot,  and what a death it would be…..yeah if I could be a mistress of any skill it would be to be a writer, to feel like I felt as a young girl reading A Passage to India, closing my eyes I was there in my mind…that is the true skill….



23 Jan


Who will walk through the cold, snowy streets to post a letter to a loved one?

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