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Trying out a Bolivian hairdresser in La Paz

25 Jul

I am now confident in my conclusion that hairdressers the world over simply do what THEY want to your hair without much input from you…I say this after my latest experience of trying out a hairdresser in Bolivia.  Now anyone that knows me will know that my grasp of Spanish is not great…I am trying to learn but this has been a slow and painful road with the end not yet in sight…so with this in mind and not wishing to come out with green hair in a country where blondes are few and far between I took my Spanish teacher Maria along with me to explain that it was simply the “T-Bar” that needed attention and the rest was fine…we agreed a price six pounds for colours and I agreed to return later in the day for the “treatment”.

Now not being a person blessed with natural good luck, later in the day the woman who I (or rather Maria) had discussed what was needed with was no longer there.  But hey ho I was there by then and what could possibly go wrong…

Well the “T-bar” turned into an all over colour….the first time she took the dye off and rinsed my hair it looked suspiciously red…mmm…was this just the lights in the salon or was there something wrong…the hairdresser went to speak a colleague..came back..said she would need to do it again….of course I didn’t really understand anyof this but that is what happens when you go for specialist treatment in a place where you don’t speak the language….so the dye went on again…I was plugged in again to a heater….20 minutes later we were back where we were…the red had faded a fair bit…I still hoped that the lights in the salon were somehow deceiving my eyes….but not to worry my dark roots were gone.

It was not “rubia” (blonde) but maybe more of the shade of “frutilla rubia” (strawberry blonde).  And to be honest the hairdresser was probably fair in her assessment that platinum blonde does not work with my fair colouring…and anyway it is the prerogative of the hairdresser (no matter the country) to do what SHE wants and not what you ask for…and what better excuse than with a client who doesn’t speak the language….

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