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Eating your tea off the ground

25 Jul

It is alway good to go the driest place on earth…a place where it is claimed it is so dry (and virtually sterile) that you can eat your tea straight off the ground…cue the Atacama Desert…

Now while San Pedro de Atacama is a bit of a gringo hangout, and full of people trying to get you to take their tour and eat in their restaurant the scenery around San Pedro is truly stunning.

I hired a bike to cycle to the Valle de La Luna (Moon Valley). Now perhaps it was just the heat or maybe just a bad day on the bike but this felt like a pretty tough though very worthwhile cycle..the scenery and colours were truly amazing…

And sunset over the Atacama has to be one of the most stunning things I have ever seen…though the cycle back in the pitch dark without any lights and along a busy road was not my favourite part of the cycle it has to be said

And….though tempting I settled for a huge omelette in a local restaurant and did not eat my tea off the ground….

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