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Mossies v Sandflies…war of the insects

1 Oct

There’s a war going on.

It is between Mossies and Sandflies.

One side will win.

The reward will be the exclusive right to bite humans in the future.

I have to pick one side to support.

And I’m going for the mossies.

But why…aren’t mossies cruel biting insects who show no mercy to their victims? No that’s the sandflies..mossies are actually really nice and here’s why:-

1. Mossies are really fair.  They make this delightful little humming sound when they are around giving you advance notice that they are about to attack and allowing you a chance to get on some repellent or to get your weapons ready to attack them…

Sandflies take you by ambush…no noise, no notice…no chance to get your weapons out..who could call this a fair fight?

2.  Mossies are kind enough (and big enough) to let you see them..they are a moving target but you have a chance to take them out..

Sandflies are tiny. They are called “no see ums”.  You have no chance to take them out as you can’t see them.

3. Mossies tend to strike at night.  This gives you the day free to enjoy the scenery before the fight begins.. you can even work up to covering your body with that ill smelling repellent.

Sandflies don’t let you enjoy the scenery…they strike at any time…

4. With a mossie you only need to put the repellent on uncovered areas…

Sandflies get you everywhere…they even attack through clothes..no defences can stop these beasts.

5.  Mossies don’t have access to your travel schedule. 

Sandflies have access to your travel schedule. They have a central database of travellers´itineraries updated around the clock.  They knew that I was going on many night buses…they used this weakness against me to target the areas most difficult to scratch on a night bus, that is, bum, and top of thighs at back..mean, mean, mean…

6. Mossie bites are nice and soft and mushy.

Sandfly bites are like having a marble under your skin…a huge marble.

7. Mossies have the decency to only trigger one of your senses at a time when they bite you – the itch sense.

Sandflies trigger not only the itch sense but also the pain sense..these bites really hurt.

8. Mossie bites will trouble you for maybe a few days and don’t usually leave a lasting memory of their contact with your skin.

Sandfly bites are like gobstopper size marbles for weeks …thereafter they leave nice scars on your skin reminding you of the attack (as if you could forget it!).

9.  Now if you’re going to be bitten it might as well be by a good-looking specimen.  Mossies are at least attractive when seen close up with their pretty long legs and little bodies…

Sandflies are both ugly and mean looking..the worst of combinations.

10. Mossies have been kind enough to allow an industry to be built up with products to repel them…this industry includes creams, potions, coils, even nets…yes every now and again they eat so much of the repellents that they become immune to its powers but that’s just to keep us all on our toes..

Sandflies have prevented the development of anti-sandfly weapons. How they have done this I am not sure but they have been very effective at it.

11. Mossies publish their combat areas so you know where they’re going to be. This then allows you to use an anti-mossie product.

Sandflies keep their combat areas secret. And they go to areas you would never expect like Huaraz in the North of Peru. I mean who would have thought that they would make their way, with their crampons and ice axes, to peaks of almost 5,000 metres? This is just plain ambush. And anyway even if you knew where they were there are no anti-sandfly measures you can use.

And that’s why in the war of the Mossies v Sandflies, I am supporting the Mossies.

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