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The two best drinks of Santiago

1 Jul

Try combining strong wine in a pint glass with pineapple ice cream and a touch of liquor.

Then….give it a name that describes the effect it has on you….

“earthquake” or terremoto in Spanish and, before you ask, the answer is “yes” this stuff does make the earth move under your feet….

Me before the earth moved

Me before the earth moved

Do NOT under any circumstances drink more than one of these…they are super, super powerful….the world record, allegedly is 6 terremotos…more than that and I am pretty sure you would be dead, very dead..

If you do, against said advice, drink more than ONE, the following are common side effects:-

  • talking to random Chilean people in the pub when you only speak 2 words of Spanish
  • writing your random thoughts on the walls of the pub, La Piojera
  • declaring your love for random strangers
  • being put in a taxi home and then getting a Chilean couple to walk you to your hostel while having an unknown black substance on your face (I name no names!)
  • going to a family barbeque with a Chilean you have just met in the pub…
  • and lastly disappearing for more than one day and arriving back at the hostel having been only around the corner from it all along….but having felt oh so far away…

Now perhaps the person who invented the next drink was suffering from the after effects of one too many terremotos when he or she made up what is probably the most unusual drink I have experienced so far on my trip….

Try combining cooked barley (yes this is a drink and not some kind of porridge) with dehydrated peaches and then some syrup….put it all in a glass and call it “Mote con huesillos bebida tradicionel uuuummmmm”….this bizarre combination did, in fact, work..it was more like a meal than a drink but was totally delicious…and before you ask, the answer is “yes” you are safe to have as many of these as you like without feeling the earth move beneath your feet!

Me with a "mote con huesillos!"

Me with a "mote con huesillos!"

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